26th June 2016

Fungal Nail Treatment

London’s No. 1 Fungal Nail Treatment

is a Unique 3-Step System…


92% Success.

It’s  what  makes  us  different.


Unique 3-Step Process 1

Lunula Laser:

The Latest Patented TechnologyFungal Nail Treatment Lunula laser

Eliminaser use only the latest patented-for-purpose technology in its fungal nail treatment.

Since 2014 this has meant Lunula Laser technology.

Our dual-diode laser uses principles other than heat to kill fungal cells and spores and so, as a result, is guaranteed to be painless.  Both laser diodes have been in use in medical practice since the 1930’s and have no known side effects.  Because the diodes rotate, they allow for treatment of the whole hand or foot, not the traditional ‘nail-by-nail’.

Which is why Eliminaser treatment is perfect for busy lifestyles in the 21st Century.

Painfree.  Quick and simple.  Isn’t that exactly what you want from any treatment?

Eliminaser Fungal Nail Treatment

Unique 3-Step Process 2

Personalised Treatment:



Fungal Nail Infection Treatment examples


Your medical history, training regimes, hereditary concerns and infection symptoms are unique to you.

So treatment should be too.

Because these variables, plus many others, are taken into account and monitored during the course of the fungal nail treatment, Eliminaser can tailor treatment to your personal response.  Especially as we look to enhance your bio-response, one of the great advantages of the Lunula Laser.

Treatment can therefore be used most cost-effectively.

With 15 or 30 minute sessions, busy lifestyles are easily accommodated.

Our flexibility means your best results.


Fungal Nail Infection Lunula Laser Treatment

Unique 3-Step Process 3


Prevention and lifetime support

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Becoming fungus-free, we want you to stay fungus-free!

Re-infection prevention is given an equal focus.

Our post-treatment support is second to none.  As an Eliminaser client you receive Lifetime Support with 48 hour response times for any on-going concerns or queries.

Particularly for those suffering from severe or chronic fungal nail infections, education on practical, simple tools and practices are necessary to avoid quick relapse or short-term re-infection.

Your long-term comfort and enjoyment of life is our main objective.






Unique 3-Step Process Fungal Infection Treatment



Our aim is not to better manage fungal nail infections and foot problems.

It is to eliminate them from your life.