26th June 2014

Top Tips for Healthy Nails

No 1 Top Tip for beautiful, natural, healthy nails

pedicure and manicureFollowing are the most effective ways to ensure your nails stay healthy and fungal infection-free!


Number 1

Let your nails see the light of day and breathe again!  Absolutely top of the list!

If you’re always in closed-toe shoes, have used acrylic or gel nails continuously for months (years?), or, are never seen without your regular nail polish – this will be tough.

But think about this:  all of these actions have the same effect as wrapping your nails in cling film.  Fungus and bacteria love this warm, moist condition.  They flourish.

Stop the flourishing!

Let the nail breathe and allow sunshine and fresh air in, keeping your healthy nails, healthy.


Other Top Tipshands and feet xiv

  • Remember Top Tip # 1!
  • When starting any treatment, old bottles of nail polish should be binned. Painting over infected nails, then placing the brush back in the bottle, turns it into a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Bin them
  • When wearing nail polish again, remove it regularly. Leave at least a couple of days for your nails to breathe in between applications
  • Don’t rip cuticles. This is one of the quickest ways to spread an infection. Wait until you’re able to trim them with the right tools
  • Trim nails and cuticles sensibly – not too close
  • Wash or sterilise nail and cuticle cutting tools after use
  • Wear 100% cotton or bamboo socks as often as possible
  • Change socks every day (particularly nylon/synthetic footwear)
  • Wash footwear and bedding at 60o + (preferably 90o)
  • Use different pairs of socks and shoes for work / training / around the house
  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day. Rotate at least a couple of pairs for work and / or training sessions
  • Using a fungal spray after walking in public changing areas, or around pools, is a good idea
  • For serious infections, a little antifungal powder dusted into particularly the front, toe area, of socks can be helpful (recommended for regular wearers of nylon/synthetic footwear, eg:  socks/stockings and vegan shoes)