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Fungal Nail Treatment: Over 92% Success. Painless (guaranteed!), non-invasive, no side effects and no down time.

Treatment for Children

When your child is in pain, you want treatment that is quick, safe, non-invasive and as painfree as possible with no known side effects. Come and see one of our caring chiropodists today.

At risk groups / diabetic footcare

The latest technology means non-invasive treatment which means no cuts or surgery so no ‘recovery time’ or associated wound healing is required. Low / no risk means getting the care you need when you need it. Please stop living with pain and discomfort and give us a call.

How does our signature Fungal Nail Treatment achieve over 92% success?

London's #1 for Fungal Nail Treatment

We specialise in painless podiatry & chiropody technology so you and your family can be sure you're receiving the best treatment the 21st Century has to offer
Specific, personal, expert treatment.

Along side leading edge technology, we believe one size does not fit all. There are many variables which may impact treatment response and with years of experience and an avid interest in technological progress in the industry, you can be sure you and your family are receiving the best, least invasive, effective and simple care possible. We work with each client to understand lifestyle, health, medical and time considerations to achieve best results. Every Eliminaser client, receives lifetime support.

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  • A treatment must provide AT LEAST this level of success. Or we don't use it

Our Locations

Check out our locations across Greater London (West to East)


Blushious Salon
Clinical Rooms, 4 Station Approach, KEW VILLAGE TW9 3QB

The City – monument

The Light Centre @ Monument
Resident Specialist Chiropody Services, 36 St Mary at Hill, LONDON EC3R 8DU

Canary Wharf

Langdon Osteopathy
124 Westferry Studios, Milligan Street, LONDON E14 8AS

Our aim is not to help you manage fungal nail problems. It is to eliminate them from your life.

The Science behind the treatment

Everything there is to know about the Lunula Laser, its operation and efficacy

Are you winning the fight against fungus?

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